Living Community

Below is a short summary of this big topic and current focus for the Living Design Group.

A Living Community is the combining of ecological and cooperative ethics with the value of building strong community. Check back for more details in the near future. For now here is a short summary.

It is a settlement, green subdivision or town which:

  1. Is self-reliant and has awareness of healthy community principals
  2. Produces or sources most foods locally.
  3. Produces and owns all it energy utilities using local renewable energy sources.
  4. Offers a high level of local employment, primarily in activities related to 1, 2 & 3
  5. Recovers and or recreates its culture, art and identity. Has educational infrastructure culturally focused

Upcoming related topics and links:

  • Community Co-operatives as a method to develop a Living Community, Co-Housing
  • Transition Town Movement
  • Resilience in design, building for climate change resilience and adaptation.
  • Deep Adaptation and Regeneration of Land and Waters
  • Grid-free Infrastructure – the low carbon technologies (for mitigation)
  • Natural Infrastructure – for stewardship, water management and natural services
  • Applications for traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)