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The Apex Advanced Building System:
For Homes, Resorts or Apartments

  • Living Design Systems offers modular house or building packages. For an example click our low cost compact house option called the “Bohemian“. We are adding information and home plans on an ongoing basis.
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  • We are currently booked for 2012 and are taking orders and info/pricing requests for shipping for the 2013 construction season.

The APEX Advanced Building System

About APEX Packages

APEX house or building packages are available in many variations and sizes with the use of 6 standard round roof sizes. These 6 different roof choices are conical, sloping at 22.5 Degrees( 5 in 12 pitch). This results in a super-insulated vaulted ceiling which creates extra volume for a second floor or loft. The circular geometry of the roof rests on a circular beam which sits well on an octagonal, hexagonal or round wall design. You can see some examples here. We typically do not recommend basements unless conditions are ideal. This saves construction costs.

An APEX structure can be up to four stories high with many variations. These variations include, for example, combining two structures with a utility connector or adding on a rectangular entryway/mudroom as shown in some of our plans. If you are looking for low cost affordable housing, the best approach is simple and small. The most cost-effective package we create is the Bohemian model , which is a simple 30’ circular plan of about 900sf including the useable loft area. It’s construction is less labour intensive then an octagon or a rectangle. As a result, it’s assembly is rapid.

An option with any of our designs is integrated heating and ventilation design. The APEX heating/cooling and ventilation systems are simple and cost effective. They can come with a solar electric power system along with appliances and fixtures. These utility-free designs can work anywhere: the city, or the country.

History of APEX Advanced Building System

Apex advanced housing is a building package developed by Living Design Systems over the past 10 years. It is an affordable modular building system using a post and beam structure and a factory-made modular conical roof system. Partly because of the conical roof, the offered shapes of APEX house packages are octagonal, circular, or hexagonal. The first prototype was built in 1999. Research and development of this building system then continued until 2010. There are now APEX houses in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan Canada