If you are interested in having us work with you to make your project a reality, please answer these few questions. After you return this questionnaire we will answer any specific questions you may have. We are located in Alberta, Canada.

NOTICE TO FUTURE STRAW HOUSE BUILDERS:  we are looking for carpenters and contractors interested in straw bale and solar building construction. We may have work for you now.  We offer collaboration, startup guidance training, workshops and more.  We produce construction drawings, and provide a review of the details of these drawings well enough for you to build quality structures. Call or email us. 1-780-263-8810. Our focus areas are the Western provinces including BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Do you own the land or lot for the house?
Is this land or lot?
Do you have floor plan ideas?
Are you interested in doing part of your own construction?
Have you worked on or volunteered on a straw-bale building project?
Are you looking to be off-grid with your new project?
Are you considering solar electric power for your project?
Are you considering a composting toilet of some type?
Are you considering rainwater collection and/or water conservation?
Do you have plans for home food production/gardening?